IELTS Test: Important Websites and Resources

Basically, there are three main owners of IELTS test. Below you will be given website links of those three owners. Therefore, on the three websites, you may get some stuff regarding IELTS skill, IELTS test information and English language. If you thought of starting with IELTS test, then you must go through the given links first to gather some information about it. Also, you may click here to reach the official homepage of Crack IELTS.

The three owners of IELTS Test and their Official Websites:-

  1. Original website of IELTS
  2. British council (one of the three owners of IELTS)
  3. IDP (one of the three owners of IELTS)
Free IELTS practice tests
  1. Listening practice tests
  2. Reading practice tests (Academic)
  3. Reading practice tests(General)
  4. Writing practice tests(Academic)
  5. Writing practice tests(General)
  6. Speaking Practice tests

These links will also help you out with some information and rules of IELTS tests. Before reaching to the tests you will see some guidelines that you need to follow to attempt the questions.


Firstly, there are many FAQ on IELTS and a good common from these is; “HOW THE BAND SCORE IS DISTRIBUTED?”. So, below you will see a link that will take you to some relevant information of band score descriptions for every module of IELTS test.

  1. TASK 1 (public version)band score distribution
  2. Band score for TASK 2 (public version)
  3. Band distribution for Speaking (public version)

There are three crucial parts on which the ban distribution for ay module depends.

  1. Task response
  2. Coherence and confidence
  3. Lexical resources or diction
  4. Grammatical range and accuracy

For IELTS speaking test one more part adds on that is ‘pronunciation’. So, you should be very easy with your words. Firstly, try to take help of Google for it. Use google translate or watch some stuff that uses a native style of speaking English. Because your confidence will only be visible with your easiness in speaking words.

To check the proper information of band score distribution CLICK HERE.


It is a good practice if you try to write your answers on the proper sheets provided to you for your exam. As you will only get 5-7 mins to transfer your answers on your answer-sheets, you need to be quick and eagle-eyed with your answers. Also, for writing tests, I will specifically recommend using answer sheets, at least before a week of your exam. So, here below I am providing you pdf’s of your answer sheets, take out their print and start your practice from now.

  1. Writing answer sheet Task-2
  2. Writing answer sheet Task-1
  3. Reading answer sheet
  4. Listening answer sheet

Topics for practicing IELTS test

Before appearing for the IELTS exam, a must-do thing is to practice for mock papers or sample papers. IELTS is a game that totally depends on your skills of improving yourself Also, learning a language does follow the same criteria. In short, the more you feed yourself, the bigger you will grow. So, below I m providing you some pdf’s of the FAQ’s of every module of IELTS. Try to solve all of them or at least go through all of them.

NOTE:- Some of the topics of the Writing task-1 and task-2 are solved and the links to them are on the homepage or in the blog section of the site.

  1. Task-1 Letters (General)
  2. IELTS Writing Task-1 (Academics)
  3. Task-2 Sample Papers
  4. Important cue cards for practice Speaking Test
  5. Interview questions for SPEAKING Test

Listening topics for IELTS Test

I am not able to provide the actual listening recordings, but still, there are many ways to practice listening. As everyone is very fond of music, so let’s use it as a resource of practising. Secondly, to be a good listener of native language try to listen to songs of that kind. When I started preparing for the IELTS test, I listened to around 30 songs that are still in my playlists. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you”, is still one of my favourites. Also, try to listen to the news in English.

Additionally, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, NHK World, DW news, Australia plus, France 24 and many more are some of the news channels that helped me in my preparation. Also, try to watch documentaries in the English language. As a result, this will help you a lot in preparing for listening test.

Moreover, there are many other channels that may help you to practice for the listening test. National Geographic, Fox life, TLC, Discovery, and many other informative channels will also help you to improve your listening skills.

That’s all for now. Check out other pages too, for more information.

Till the time Best of Luck and Happy learning with CRACK IELTS.

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