Computer-Based IELTS listening test. Everything you need to know!!

To start with, if you wish to choose the IELTS with the computer, then the three modules that are the reading, listening, and writing module: will take place on the computer, but the speaking module will remain as it is. This means the speaking exam in the computer-based IELTS test will be face-to-face interaction with the examiner.

What actually is Computer-Based IELTS Test?

What is a computer-based IELTS test?

The computer-based IELTS test is a future IELTS test that is originated from the IELTS organization to help the IELTS aspirants in getting the results faster and allowing them to have the test in a more convenient way.

This test was introduced in 2017 in Australia but came into existence in 2018. Basically, this test allows students to give three modules on the computer and the speaking module remains the same as the best in speaking can only be brought out by face-to-face interaction. This test widens up the areas of flexibility to students and obviously, the results are much faster (within 3-5 days) in this IELTS exam.

Difficulty level

difficulty level

The difficulty level in both exams remains constant as there is no difference in the exam pattern and the other aspects. The only thing that makes the computer-based IELTS test a lot easier than the paper-based IELTS Test is the confidence of approaching the IELTS test.

So it is a myth that the computer-based IELTS test is much easier than the paper-based IELTS test.

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Advantages of Computer-based IELTS test

The IELTS test is the most popular test of English conducted worldwide for higher education or work in foreign countries. To make it more vulnerable and secure the main organizations of the IELTS are taking to another level in terms of security, flexibility, and sharpness. Some of the merits of pursuing the Computer-based IELTS test are:

  1. Increment in availibility of the test
  2. Refined and faster results
  3. No more tension of messy writing
  4. Not much difference with paper based IELTS test

These all merits make the test more vulnerable and easy to use.

Practice papers for the Computer-based IELTS test

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