Sample: IELTS Writing Task-2

Ques: Many people are optimistic about the 21st century and see it as an opportunity to make changes in the world? To what extent do you agree or disagree with their opinion?


This century is an era of science and technology. And science and technology promise a future that can lead a healthy and satisfying life. Therefore, numerous people are hopeful that this century will change the world in a positive way. I completely agree with this notion that the world is changing and growing rapidly in the present scenario. The following paragraphs are an attempt to analyse this viewpoint thoroughly.

To set in, firstly, the ‘century of technology’ is the nickname given to the twenty-first century. Nowadays fewer people are required to generate the same manufactured output thanks to technology, allowing people to shift to urban centres and find other kinds of work. This has allowed human workers to be unshackled from the office, giving them much greater freedom. In short, there are new opportunities there and work has become more exciting as compared to continues labour work in previous times. Secondly, there is endless information available for every person on any topic and by online education, no one can remain illiterate in the present century. Overall, this era is giving enormous opportunities to learn and work comfortably which are two main reasons behind the growth of the world.

Moreover, society is becoming more aware regarding the social issues and superstitions that are going away by continuous preaching of social workers through camps and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other serving websites. For instance, child marriages have decreased immensely and girl education is becoming important, child labour is going away owing to strict laws.

Secondly, due to migration between countries people are becoming aware of other cultures and becoming more accepting. They are becoming more aware and open-minded as compared to previous eras. Hence, it goes without saying that this era is an era of advancement in every way possible.

To conclude, although , there are bad predictions from some people about coming times but they have the same probability of failing as they have of actually occurring. Hence, it is worthless to talk of them. However, it goes without saying that humans have managed to do the impossible and the world is touching new heights of growth in the twenty-first century.

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