Cue card for IELTS speaking test 2021: Most Expected

most expected cue card for ielts speaking test

The most difficult and mind-blasting part of the IELTS exam is known to be the IELTS Speaking test. Here, students seem to be nervous in the part where they are asked to speak continuously for 3 to 5 minutes. This stage is none other than Cue card. Cue card for the IELTS speaking test is considered the most important and hellish part of the IELTS Speaking exam. Somehow the students who are preparing from the Crack IELTS has managed to lose the fear of the Cue card part. Want to know how? Check our article on the best tips and traps for the IELTS speaking test.

In this article, we are going to share some of the best and the most anticipated topics of the IELTS speaking test in the 2021 batch. Here you will not only find the topics of the cue cards but also he key points and the outlines under which you need to revolve your words. SO let’s get the topics.

10 Most Expected Cue card for IELTS speaking test 2021

1. Describe a time when you needed your imagination to be true: #1 Cue card for IELTS Speaking test

As clear from the title the topic is basically to describe the mind’s eye. So, be very innovative with your ideas. Do not copy any of the answers. Try to think of a situation in the given time and be creative with the thoughts first. Then show the magic of your lexical resources. If you will be real with the topic then only you will be able to impress your examiner. So, the outlines of the topic are:

  • firstly, describe your imagination
  • why you needed that
  • what was the situation then
  • what you would have done if your imagination was true

2. Special hotel you had a stay

In this topic, you are asked to describe the best hotel you have ever stayed in. Now most of you might have never stayed in a hotel. So, be creative here again. Remember that you are giving your examination. So, before entering the hotel room where you are going to give your exam, don’t forget to thoroughly observe the hotel. This is because being realistic is what we want to impress the examiner. And, as you start saying something on your cue card, assure that you mention that I have never stayed in a hotel before and this is the first time I am visiting the hotel. So, the keywords for this topic are:

  • firstly, mention the hotel name
  • what makes the hotel interesting
  • describe the hotel from entrance
  • what was the first impression of hotel

3. Describe a short journey you often take but never liked it.

So, the topic is about yourself and your daily life. Now when you are given time to think upon the topic go to flashback and start thinking that what was the place where you feel irritated when you visited there. Don’t hesitate to speak the reality. Speak-up what was the place, why you were irritated and everything else. So the key points for this are:

  • describe the place
  • with whom you visited and why you visited
  • what irritates you the most

4. Describe the person who wears most unusual clothes

So, here comes a topic that I personally like the most. This is the topic where you get a chance to give someone the elbow or a bum’s rush. Try to memorise an ugly outfit of your friend that he had worn on the day of farewell in school or college or a family occasion. Then chuck out all your anger on that dressing sense. Try to add some humour to it, which will act as a spell on the mind of your examiner. So, the key points are:

  • describe your friend and the outfit of your friend
  • what was different in it
  • why it was unusual
  • was it funny or irritating

4. Describe the thing that you bought and now you are happy about it


Describe a risk that is giving positive results now


Describe a good decision which you made recently

In this cue card for the IELTS Speaking test, you must be very realistic and honest. Try to figure out the digital gadgets that were gifted to you by your parents or you bought them on your own. To cite an example, you may mention BYJU’s tablet or the learning plans. There is a lot to say about this example. Similarly, you can consider other gadgets or some books that you had bought and now they are giving positive results to you. All the questions mentioned above can be categorised under the same circumstances. What you need to do is being realistic with the question and novel with the ideas. Because;

Sometimes keeping something simple is not always so simple.

5. Describe a time when you changed your opinion

In this topic, you need to cite some real life examples that had really happened in the life. If I was asked the same question I would have have answered it as; ‘I was always against the online revolution and digital creation. But now I am also using the social media for my work. So, when I started earning online, that was the time when I had to change my opinion.’

Here, this is my real-life example. So the examiner would notice the answer and the questions which the examiner is going to ask from me will only be the questions that I want the examiner to ask from me. So, here we have trapped examiner through CHATUR SINGH TRIPATHI TRICK. This is how you give the answers.

Now it’s your turn to practice some questions on your own.

1. Describe a practical skill you learned in pandemic: #2 Expected Cue Card for IELTS Speaking test

Here the key points are:

  • Don’t forget that you have learnt the IELTS which itself is the language skill
  • try to mention any other skill that you tried to learn in pandemic(for me it was website development)
  • What was the skill
  • why you learn it
  • was it purpose or passion

2. Artificial Intelligence

Read everything about this topic and try to explore the questions for yourself from the read part.

3. Talk about pandemic you have ever witnessed

We have only witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it is the most easiest and the most anticipated cue card for the IELTS Speaking test. You must be clear with this topic.

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