books for college students
These alphabets helps you to be an officer,
these words will make you famous.
Never ever throw them just by saying that these are useless,
they are valuable even if they are placed untouched at home. 
Learn how to value these valuable books,
My friend! never ever torn the pages of these books.
Dr. Satinder Sartaj

Books plays an indispensable role in an individual’s life. This thought we have listened from our teachers and have written in the essays of 2nd standard. Our teachers had always told us to read books and to read good books. This is is the most repeated thing according to a survey in Indian students life. From the age we enter the school, our parents, our teachers and obviously some of our good and special relatives keep reciting the special thought that, “Abe pdhle kaam ayega” (Hey! Read something. It will help you in your future).

This is what I am going to say you today. Whoever is reading this article, here you will find the best books for your college life. Above all, you will not only read these books but also I assure you that after reading my preferred books you will observe a granular change and a positive vibe in your life.

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1. Ravish Kumar Free voice

As an Indian citizen and a student, this is the most recommended book by me or Crack IELTS. Almost every one of us is familiar with Mr Ravish Kumar. For those who don’t know Ravish Kumar, he is a news anchor for NDTV India new channel/ He is awarded the Magsaysay award in 2019. He is a writer and a speaker. I had personally read this book and undoubtedly, it is the most truthful book I have ever read. Each and every fact in this book depicts the bitter reality of India. I think every youngster in India should read this book. You will definitely become a fan of Ravish Kumar.

He always says, “Ajj nhi to 10 saal baad India valo ko main yaad auga aur tb bht waqt ho chuka hoga. App dekh rhe the prime time main hu Ravish Kumar”. (IF not today, but I will be remembered once in India for my work, but then I would have gone. You are watching Prime time. I am Ravish Kumar).

2. World’s Greatest Books for Personal Growth and Wealth

This combo pack of four books is the best combo I have ever read for the personal growth and wealth. This pack consits of four books. Following are the books in this pack:

  • Think and Grow Rich- Napolean Hill
  • How to win Friends and Influence People: Dale Carnegie
  • The Power of your Subconscious Mind: Dr Joseph Murphy
  • The Richest Man In Babylon: George S. Clason

These four books carry the top secrets that a student must get at the early age of their life in college. I have personally read these books and trust me these are the best books if you want to learn some true lessons of life with short stories and real-life examples. From these four books, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is my favourite book. It has many lessons and the most special one from that is the story of the author’s child.

One of the greatest saying from the book is, “That is one trick of opportunities. It has a very sly habit of slipping in by a back door, and often it comes disguised in form of misfortune or temporary defeat”. This is the most wonderful line I read in this book. These books are the best books to learn the secrets of happy and successful life.

3. Ikigai

‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese word which in English states that ‘reason to live’. The author of this Hector Gracia is a Japanese citizen and with his ideas, he has brought the Japanese culture of living within us. According to the Japanese, everyone took birth in this world with some purpose to live. All of us have a reason for which we are struggling in this world. We all desire a life that is the most beautiful life in the whole universe. Some desires money and wealth while, some desires silent and a life full of nature. Some love to be adventurous and some loves to be simple and help others.

So, every one of us has a reason to live. This book teaches us ways to live every day. The book has its tag line; “Bring meaning and joy to all your days with IKIGAI”. I really feel that every student should read this book.

4. 1984

In this book written by George Orwell, is a must-read book for Indian students. This book depicts the ‘realistic utopianism’ of the Indian society. Moreover, this novel is the imagination of George Orwell of today’s world. And as usual George is fantastic with it’s imagination again in this novel. The book depicts the imaginary India in 1984. This novel is indicated in the ‘Ravish Kumar Free voice’ – a book written by Ravish Kumar. This books shows the power and the pitfalls of human hopes. There is lot more to learn from the book.

5. Sapiens: A brief history for Humankind

Everyone is interested in reading the life of humankind. What is the evolution of humankind? This book is a brief overview of 4.5 billion old Earth. How humans start and how we reach here? This is what the book depicts. Undoubtedly, the book is the most essential part of a student’s life. I think every student should read this book. The book delivers the best for student life. Not only for students, but this book also delivers value for any age group. One should be familiar with what exactly is to read. I especially recommend this book as a student and learner in this society.

So, these were the top 5 books that delivers the value in students life. These are the must have books in the personal library of the Indian students.

Happy Learning and Best of Luck by Crack IELTS.

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