TOEFL vs IELTS: Complete overview on which is best?

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What is TOEFL?

In this paragraph, we are going to get a complete overview of the TOEFL Exam. Firstly, the full-form of TOEFL is the Test Of English as a Foreign Language. Secondly, it is an exam that is computerized and is conducted to check the proficiency of the candidate in the English language or as the eligibility criteria of many universities abroad. It is conducted not only for study purposes but also to work abroad.

More About TOEFL

Likewise, the IELTS exam, the TOEFL exam has four sections; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The time offered to candidates to complete the exam is approx. 3 hours and 30 mins. Each section comprises questions that has a total of 30 marks and the overall score of the exam is 0-120. The main body that conducts the exam is ETS (Educational Testing Service). The TOEFL exam is divided into two patterns: iBT and PBT. The fee structure of both the patterns varies; i.e, from INR 11,468 to 17,919 fro iBT and 12,901 for PBT. There are around 4500+ centres for TOEFL examinations around the world. Also, there are 9000+ universities that prefer this exam for the admissions on their campus.

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Eligibility Criteria

There are not any special necessities mentioned by ETS for the appearance in this examination. But the candidate must have passed the higher school studies to appear in this exam. There is no restriction on age. Candidate of any age is eligible for this exam. But before appearing in the examination candidate must go through with the guidelines of the ETS for this examination on the official website of TOEFL exam.

Modes of Examination (iBT home based edition)

There are two modes of examination: Computer-based and Paper-based examination. Computer-based examination is just applicable to the regions having internet connections. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the official authority of the TOEFL exam has launched a home-based examination term. So, now there is a new term added to the examination that is the iBT home-based edition. There is no special syllabus of the iBT home-based edition. Also, due to the security measures, the scorecard of the exam will also be awarded online within 6-10 days after the exam is held. There will be no hard copy of the scorecard.

TOEFL Registration in 2021

There are two ways of registration for the TOEFL exam: online and offline. Firstly, for online registration, the candidate must register on the official website of the TOEFL exam (link given above). Passport should be the primary document while registration. Each of the field required should be fulfilled without any error. After filling in all the requirements pay the fee and get the job done.

Secondly, for the offline registration, it is a bit long process. The candidate has to get the offline registration form or simply download it. There are specific codes required to fill the form. All those codes are available online. The payment method can be selected from the options given on the form. After filling all the necessary commodities candidate has to send the form to the Regional Registered Centres (RRC). The mail should be sent before a month of the examination. A candidate should take care of the mail confirmation by RRC. In case it is not done, then the candidate is supposed to do it before three days of registration deadline.

Thirdly, the registration is also possible through a mobile application. The candidate has to find the helpline number (+91-124-4147700) of RRC on the official website. Pay the registration fee by the given options. Fill up the personal details and its done. But in case the candidate is late to apply for exam then the extra charge of $40 will be charged to the candidate

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Now, comes the main phase of the article, which to choose in 2021, TOEFL or IELTS? So, to begin with, there is not a vast difference between both the exams. Firstly, the main difference lies in the accents offered by the exams. The TOEFL exam features either an American speaker or British speaker, whereas, the IELTS offers its candidates different accents speaking in English. This shows that IELTS is more flexible. Also, there is a lot more variation in the questions in the IELTS exam but the TOEFL exam has only one variety in questions(multiple choice/objective type). The time period is also short in the IELTS exam, that is approximately 2 hours and 30 mins but the TOEFL examination is about 4 hours long.

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These are the main features that are considered in choosing between the IELTS and the TOEFL exam. So, it is asked to me than definitely I will choose the IELTS exam due to its flexibility and acceptance abroad. To sum up the IELTS exam will have the last laugh in my opinion.

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