IELTS READING TEST: Best Tips and Traps for 2021

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In this paragraph, we will go through the basic information of IELTS reading test. This test consists of three sections, which further consists of 40 questions in total. Firstly, there are three comprehension passages taken from different sources, like, journals, books, magazines, and newspapers. Every comprehension provided lie in the category of general interests. Also, one of the texts provided contains some logical reasoning.

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IELTS reading test comprises various types of questions. This includes multiple-choice questions, identifying information (TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN), identification of claims or views by a writer (Yes/No/Not Given), matching information, headings, features, the sentence ending, sentence completion, summary completion, note completion, completion of the table, flow-chart, labelling diagram and short-answer questions.

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Tips And Tricks for IELTS Reading Test

IELTS Reading test is considered as the most difficult test by most of the students, which actually is and needs no justification. Firstly, a candidate has to read 3 ultra-long sections, where each consists of multiple paragraphs. Secondly, the candidate has to answer the multiple-choice or other types of questions (13-14 per comprehension) by searching them from the given paragraphs. Unlike, the listening test of IELTS, candidates are given no extra time to transfer the answers on answer sheets. So, time plays a crucial curtailment as a candidate has only one hour to complete the test. But the candidate should be relaxed as there is no negative marking in the IELTS Reading test. So, every candidate should try to answer each and every question.

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Improve Reading Skills

As many say, “Practice makes a man perfect”, likewise, the key to succeed in IELTS reading test is practice. Now, the question that arise is how to improve a reading skill? Firstly, a candidate willing to clear the IELTS reading test or the complete IELTS test in the first attempt needs to make a habit of reading. It does not matter what is to be read, in which language is to be read? A candidate just has to read newspapers, magazines or books, these are just the recommendations, not necessities. A candidate may also read e-books, kindle books or any other source of reading. This helps to improve the speed of reading. Above all, a candidate must understand that he/she is not assessed on the basis of their comprehension of the provided passage. But on some specific skills called ‘Scanning’ and ‘Skimming’.

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What is Scanning in IELTS Reading Test?

Clearly, as the name refers, scanning is to scan or find out a small thing which you know, from a large one. To optimise the line, when someone is finding a number from a directory. so, what that individual is doing, that he knows what number he wants to find, so, he will directly jump to that page and find out the number. Likewise, in the IELTS reading test, this technique can work effectively in multiple-choice and matching questions. Firstly, a candidate will read out the questions and then will start scanning them in the passage.

What is Skimming in IELTS Reading Test?

Firstly, ‘Skimming’ in IELTS reading test refers to a quick look on the paragraph and get an overview of the passage of what is about, without getting the exact details of the passage. This technique is part of the initial reading, but, can be modified by reading a little slower. It is effective in answering the questions, “headings of the paragraphs” and “Author’s View” type of questions.

The difficulty level of the sections starts raising respectively. So, a candidate should try to spend to maximum 15-17 minutes, 20 minutes and 23-25 minutes on section-1, 2 and 3 respectively. Try to answer quickly so that you would have at least 3-4 minutes to check your answers.

What Crack IELTS suggests?

Crack IELTS suggest that a candidate should opt the scanning process for IELTS reading test. But, this is only for students who are working with this trick. The high recommendation is to merge both the techniques and make the better use of both the techniques. Merging two of them is highly effective. As many say, “The marriage of wo colours are always better than one.”

How to use both Scanning and Skimming?

Firstly, read all the questions given to you in the reading test. Secondly, skim over the text and highlight or underline the significant parts. Thirdly, directly mark the information that you found exactly matching to the question. This will help you to answer many questions as you read.

Once you have gone through the questions given to you, you will directly scan the right passage and correctly answer the question. Above all, answers follow the same hierarchy as the questions do. This shows that the answer of the 2nd question will lie before the answer of the 3rd question. [This is not always true. Be very sure with the answers. Try to check the whole paragraph that you think is related to the question]

The questions like; “In which paragraph does this information appear?” and “Yes/No/Not Given”, have their information randomly scattered in any paragraph. So, to solve them one must be very agile. Also, be very strict with the limit of the words. True/False/Not given are the toughest questions. The only way to tackle them is to practising them till you are confident. A candidate should try not to stuck on one question. Skip the question and answer the next question. A candidate can always come back and answer that question later.

Happy Learning with Crack IELTS.

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