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Here you will find out the best IELTS materials for the 2021 IELTS exam. If you are preparing online or from home then these books will surely help you to score 7+ bands just by a bit of hard-work from home.

“Two colours are always better than one. A marriage of colour conveying a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”.

In short, when offline IELTS materials(books for IELTS preparation) and online preparation is merged and utilised, a granular and fruitful output is observed.

To boost up and enhance your performance if you are lacking in any of the four modules of IELTS, Crack IELTS will assist you to invest your money and mind in the granular IELTS materials. The books mentioned below are the best books for the preparation of IELTS by staying at home.

Here is the list of the top books to add up in your IELTS materials for the offline preparation of IELTS.

Best books with practice papers for IELTS preparation

#1. IELTS 14 by Cambridge English for Academics

Not only, IELTS 14 every part of Cambridge English books is beneficial for the aspiring candidates of IELTS. Firstly, this book with some ideas and preface of what IELTS is really useful to start the game of IELTS. Also, this book provides students with a basic idea of the band score distribution. So, the student may get a basic idea of what is to be done and how is to be done?

Also, the sample papers to practice all the four modules of IELTS are extraordinary and really helpful in the online preparation of IELTS.

Click the image below to directly buy it and start preparing for IELTS now.

#2. IELTS 14 for General students

As mentioned above, all the books of Cambridge English are brilliant and extraordinary for IELTS preparation. So, this book specially is designed for general students. IELTS 14 comprises practice papers and some basic information that is very useful for candidates of general IELTS. Also, the book comprises sample papers that will help you to get in-depth knowledge and tips for each module of the IELTS test.

Above all, the audio scripts for the listening test adds on the special feature and easiness to prepare for the finest of the test. Also, this book is recommended by Crack IELTS and many other famous institutes and teachers.

Click the image below to buy the book and start learning now.

#3. Baron’s IELTS

Baron’s IELTS is one of the best books for the preparation of IELTS. Firstly, this book comes with a pack of 2 CDs and a set of practice papers. Secondly, everything a student needs to crack the IELTS exam is added to the book. Thirdly, the book comprises 4 academic and 2 general training practice papers. These practice papers exactly match the real format of the IELTS exam. Also, the book comprises the tips and tricks that enhance the performance of a candidate to get the desired band score.

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Click here to know some best tips and tricks of IELTS speaking test.


If you are a candidate of IELTS or TOEFL than George John and his team of experienced teachers has bought you some great content. This book suits every requirement of the exact IELTS and TOEFL paper. Crack IELTS’s founder Pargat Barsal, personally recommends this book. The book is specially designed for Indian students. The book stresses some major grammatical, spelling, punctuation and logical errors that are committed by the students while appearing for the IELTS or TOEFL exam. So, to overcome those errors this book is the complete package for you.

Click the image below to buy the book.

#5. IELTS Super Success

This book is recommended as the best book for preparation of IELTS both for academic and general training exams. This book does not only have a general overview of what IELTS is, but also has some extraordinary features that will boost up your performance in the exam. Also, tips and traps to score 7+ bands, add an aha touch to your preparation of IELTS. Above all, the scientific approach of the author and serendipity in the content makes it a lot easier for any aspiring candidate, to apply the ideas in their preparation.

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Click here to check some useful resources and websites of IELTS.

#6. Combo 4 Achiever IELTS books

This set of four books by a brand which already had shown its significant presence in the market is highly recommended by most of the institutes and teachers. This book is a super package for every module. If any candidate desires to get the expanded stuff on each module, then this is the best option a candidate can have. This book is designed especially under the guidelines that are issued by IDP and British Council for the IELTS exam. This book comprises a CD to prepare for the listening test. Also, the practice papers for each module directly matches the difficulty level of the IELTS exam. to sum up, this is a super-package for any aspiring candidate.

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Best Books to Prepare for Essay writing(task-2 of IELTS)

To prepare for the essay writing or the task-2 of IELTS, a candidate must know the fundamentals of writing an essay. Firstly, as told by wise-men, “to be perfect, go for a deep dive and find the roots”. This is what Crack IELTS believes in and want its students to believe in. Below we are providing some of the links of the books that are not directly, relevant to IELTS but are related to the Task-2 of the IELTS. So, be sure to check them and buy them because these are highly recommended by Crack IELTS.

Please click here to check out best ways of attempting task-2 of IELTS.

#7. Fundamentals of Essay and Answer Writing

This book is specially designed to learn the actual techniques of essay writing. The book can not only be used to write CSE answers but it is designed to learn the actual facts and tips and tricks to write effective essays. This book is written by an IAS officer of Telangana cadre, Anudeep Durishetty, who has served the nation for several years. In this book, Mr Anudeep has shared all his learnings and techniques that he used to clear the essay writing and answer writing paper of civil service exam. Also, the book is reviewed by various of the IAS and IPS officers. The granular feedback of the officers shows the diligent work by Anudeep. Mr Anudeep also owns a blog that acquires high traffic of around 8 million, the blog is anudeepdurishetty It is recommended as the best book to learn essay writing techniques by Crack IELTS.

Click the image below to buy the book.

#8. Master Essay and Answer Writing

This book is also designed to master the art of the essay and answer writing. But, many of the students might think that this book is especially for the CSE exam. But, the fact is that, as the name of the book suggests that the content inside the book is to master the art of essay writing. So, the book teaches the exact ways of writing essay, what are the purpose of essay writing and a lot more. This book is also written by an IRS officer and also the best selling author Dr Awdhesh Singh. This book is highly recommended by Crack IELTS. Also, this book is personally used by the founder of Crack IELTS MR. Pargat Barsal.

Click the image below to buy this book.

These are the must haves in you preparatory IELTS materials. I hope all these books may help you in scoring you desired bands.

Happy Learning and Best of Luck by Crack IELTS.

For more information of IELTS reach IDP Global and British Council.

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