IELTS Writing task-2: Punch lines for an Alluring Introduction

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Like the stages of life, every phase depicts a new story, an essay is also to start with something that grabs attention. Likewise, a quote by David Shields depicts the significance of impressive introduction in IELTS Writing task.

“I really love that idea of an essay as an investigation. That’s all anyone’s life is”

                                                                                       By: David Shields

To begin with, the very first necessity of an essay is an introduction. So, the first sentence of the essay introduces the topic in a very brief way. Also, it depicts what are you going to write in the following paragraphs. So, before you start writing an introduction, let your brain do work and must spend some time thinking on an assigned topic. Certainly, be unpredictable with your thoughts. To sum up, don’t compromise with your thoughts.

To assist you, we have some punch lines that will help you to start an essay in a mind-boggling way. In case you are a bad reader, and don’t want to read or waste your time reading it.

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Note: These are the punch-lines. Add quotes by your side. In case you want some quotes by me, comment below.

Let’s Start.


Children are a wonderful creation of God and are blessed with innovative minds and monumental imagination. The only task assigned to us is to tamper and reconnoitre them. Children are like ’wet cement’ whatever falls on it leaves deep imprints forever. Children are like wet clay, so, they can be mound in either way we want.


Time spins and with there is a change. It is rightly said that; “change is a law of nature”. Change is ineludible and adds a new texture to life. If there is no change, life becomes tedious. This leads to a mind-numbing or soul-destroying kind of a surroundings. Generally, newness in something is for betterment and development of everything.


Ever since the modern century took place, technology has gone through the numerous alterations. Whether these are computers, mobiles, machines and many more, some extra-ordinary and mind-boggling technological gifts of science has made layman’s life easier, commodious and well furnished.

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Gone is the dark epoch, when women were just cramped to four walls. They were restricted to not to study, go out of her house and earn her livelihood on her own. They were just considered as the child giving machines and robots doing household work. Also, they were meagre just to home and hearth. Ever since the women empowerment took place, the desired equilibrium of society came and every field has equal footing of men and women. She has not only proven herself at home but also in professional activities.

(Gone are the days of society’s floccinaucinihilipilification on women was observed. [not recommended]


In the gist of the whole content, I would like to emphasize that, like a coin, everyone in this beautiful creation, has two sides, “pros and cons”. What necessary is, the cerebral, sagacious and balanced approach towards it.


The buzzword of today’s modern era is globalization. The world economies are increasingly integrating. Globalization and liberalization play an indispensable role of breaking the boundaries in nations and people. Now the whole world is a global village. There was an era when the reputed brands like Nike, Puma and many more were just squeezed to western countries. Now these travel across the globe. Work can be expanded to any corner of the world that has ‘google baba’ with it.

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In this newfangled era, globalization plays a crucial role in our lives. It is a highly debated topic, whether it is a boon or a bane. Some of us are influenced with it but some are the victims of globalization. But nowadays, merits grab a win over de-merits. (Necessity is the cerebral, sagacious and balanced approach towards it.)


Emission of sparks from the pen or mouth of an editor or journalist can either make or mark society. Media owns a huge responsibility of delivering legitimate and undisputed news in front of masses and classes. So, rather than defying code of ethics, media should stick to them, and it is their moral duty.


To recapitulate, I would like to emphasize that media is responsible for every stamp on hearts and brains of countrymen. All what required to media is the right perception and a good balanced way of tackling hurdles.

NOTE: If you listen Mr. Ravish Kumar then you must be known with the concept of ‘godi media’. Try to highlight it in the essay, in your version.

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Marriage means, uniting two souls. Human beings are gregarious by nature. Our heart and brain exclusively need someone to love and to be loved. Someone for mutual understandings and perfect camaraderie is needed. It is a pleasant setup which provides like-mindedness for lifetime.

NOTE: Add the recent news on age of consent for marriage of girls.

Pollution and Global Warming:

Pollution levels are increasing at a disturbing rate. Industries are increasing like a fungal infection. Technology here is to stay. The arm of the clock cannot be brought back to reassign ourselves in the state of serendipity. Thus, draconian steps are must to curb this grave situation.

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[Start with any beautiful quote]. Education is the chief defense of an individual and a nation. Illumination of one’s mind is only possible through education. The significance of exploring and learning can never be quantized but cherished.


A figure of 100% literacy on globe can easily be achieved, if the policy of ‘each one, teach one’ is administered fervently.


Our global diaspora has been segregated into two halves oriental and occidental. Therefore, it is bound to have political, social and culture fronts.


Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured. Also, money makes possible the enjoyment of the best earth affords. It is difficult to survive without money, and it is a nasty truth. Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.

Recreation, Hobby, Travelling, Stress:

In this race of success in life, stress and strain have acquired the indispensable spots. There is no time for each other in this rat race. Stress has become a good common not only in personal lives but also in professional atmosphere. So, in this case hobbies came as savior in our lives. Recreational activities not only relax, but helps in regaining lost energies, mid and soul.

Above all, these are just a small segment of punch lines for IELTS writing task-2 or essay writing.

In case you want the lines on any other topic of IELTS writing tasks you may comment below or just follow us on Instagram and direct message us your views and suggestions.

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