Essay Writing: Attempting and Organizing(Task-2)

how to attempt and organize essay for ielts writing task-2

How to boost up your essay writing?

In initial posts, I have mentioned and elaborated the concepts and some useful information about Writing task-2(essay) of IELTS. Click here to reach to that post.

Here in this article the topics that we will be targeting are,

  1. How to attempt an essay
  2. Punch lines for introduction and conclusion of an essay
  3. And Magical words and extra vocabulary for an essay

Purpose of an Essay (task-2)

        “An essay tests not only what you know, also who you are”

The most significant thing when you are making your mind to write an essay is to know, what actually is the purpose of the essay and what the essay demands. You must be very familiar with the qualities that an essay paper demands to asses aspiring candidates.

To optimize, if you are writing on any social media platform then the main purpose is to earn likes and engagement.

And, in the same way, when you are writing for an examiner, your purpose is to impress the examiner with your diction, magical words and get maximum marks. There are three main things that I think are the ‘must-do’ for an effective essay:

  1. Conceptualize
  2. Visualize
  3. Represent


In this paragraph, we will discuss, conceptualization. To conceptualize is to think about your topic. think out-of-the-box. One must be very clear with thoughts. Clear writing means clear thoughts. There must not be any ambiguity with your thoughts. A good essay is having veracity in it. And authenticity in the essay means, fidelity in thoughts. Also, be very justified with your conclusion.


To visualize means to execute and write your material. This is the phase to showcase your skills. Your ambition is to impress examiner. So, the errors in essay will not make examiner happy. To decorate your essay, try to use beautiful quotes and metaphors.


Representation is like the packaging of a product with a beautiful gift paper. It will draw examiners attention and give a final touch to the essay. To make sure that someone reads the essay to the end and with full interest, there must be righteousness in your thoughts. The usage of analytical figures and anecdotes (real life) will embellish your content and grab attention of examiner. The factum in the content will act as a magical touch and make it more convincing.

The only way to enhance these three steps is ‘practice’ and ‘knowledge’.

How to develop the essay writing skills?

  “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and will spend first four hours sharpening the axe”

                                                                                                                 Abraham Lincoln

Here we will discuss the methodology of developing essay writing skills, not only for IELTS task-2 but also for other competitive exams. Let’s start it.

There are 7 proven ways to score 7+ bands in essay writing (task-2). Following we are going to learn and elaborate on them.

  1. Learning from multiple resources

A good reader can always be a good writer. Try to learn from multiple resources and people. Every topic in this world has some known debaters. Try to interact with people and gather information on the relevant topics. The newness can only be bought if one reaches the roots of the concept. Start from the very basic. There is a saying from Buddha;

                                   ” When a student is ready, a teacher appears”.

We must develop a habit of learning from various sources, such as

  1. Books
  2. Newspapers
  3. Internet
  4. Blogs
  5. Social and electronic media
  6. Friends and society
  7. Experience of successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Always remember one thing, a successful candidate can only tell you the positive aspects. But an unsuccessful candidate will enlighten you with the topics where he/she made the mistake, and will warn you to not to do the same woes. Being familiar with the negatives is much important than positives of anything in essay writing

  • Width and depth of knowledge

To begin with, IELTS is just the language testing system. So, there is no specific book that covers the whole syllabus of IELTS and any institute that claims to have syllabus of IELTS is a lie. How can a language have a syllabus? Firstly, it is not the test of grammar, its just to check the proficiency of a candidate. So, every topic in our surroundings is relevant to IELTS. Secondly, a simple task you have to do is practice any essay that comes to your mind. In short, anything pertaining to the syllabus lies in the equilibrium.

Resources to get knowledge

Moreover, to conquer the game, IELTS, you must know something of everything and everything of something. To do so, just start reading a newspaper daily. Try to be in touch with new words. To do so, I prefer ‘The Tribune’ to learn many new words, it improves your linguistic skills and diction naturally. Also, some questions demand examples of the foundations, NGO’s and other co-related terms, that are only highlighted in the newspapers. Also, try to read about them from websites and books.

  • Analyzing

Basically, there are many questions in task-2 that require some facts. So, to be more natural and stronger with the facts, analyze the figures of the desired topic. Firstly, note all the figures you have gone through and try to memorize them. It is difficult to do so, but some of the numbers, like, in the questions related to population, electricity, education, and languages can easily be remembered. And, if you forget the accurate value, try to write approx. values.

Thus try to be contradictive in agree/disagree questions. Don’t be confused with your thoughts because there is no way of writing an effective essay if you yourself are no clear with concept.

  • Thinking in English

First of all, we are Indians and English is not our mother tongue. Therefore, we use our native and regional languages with our family members and friends. So, it is obvious that when we think we think in our regional languages. Also, some of us are from PSEB or their preferred boards that do not stress much on English, so to write answers in English is not a piece of cake for us. And if you are doing the same, thinking and regional languages and translating the thoughts, then you must have experienced that the process is so slow and prone to error.

Firstly, start thinking in English to be effective in writing an impressive essay. And, the moment you got a thought in your mind, intentionally, switch your mind in English. This practice will soon bring a drastic change in your fluency in speaking and efficiency in writing.

  • Discussion of Important topics

There is a great interconnection between Thinking, Speaking and Writing. “Writing is nothing but speaking through words albeit on paper”. So, if you are not good with Speaking, you can never be good at writing. Writing will always be a difficult task for you. To improve your spoken, there is only one way, that is to discuss.

Moreover, try to discuss important topics with your friends, teachers and parents. Doing this is effective because, the feedback is so fast in this process. Your views and speech are input and feedback and reviews are the output. Try to express yourself in front of your parents.

Once you overcome your hesitation and start speaking fluently, then you will also see some granular change in your essay writing techniques.

  • Practice Writing and review

In some cases, an individual is good with its speaking and other modules, but when it comes to writing it falter. Even some of them do not know how to start an essay.

               “One of the most common causes of failure is a habit of quitting when one is overtaken by a temporary defeat. So, Never underestimates consistency”

Thus, develop a habit of writing at least one topic daily. This will help you to be proficient with your writing skills. You must develop a habit of diary or just write your feelings on a page. Express your thoughts and try to add some magical words to your views. Other good and effective way is to read magazines and newspapers, and try to answer some questions on various social media platforms like Quora and Brainly.


Unfortunately, most students have extreme focus on just learning the content. They do not practice writing. This is exactly where they fail. Force yourself to write something every day.

After this the main concept is to realize and to know your mistakes. Try to review your work. Show your work to your guide, teacher or a friend who you think is getting good band scores. This will help you improve the quality of your work. You must have listened that, “whether you are good or bad, if you want to know the reality, ask it form your opponent”.

Even if I am not a good writer, I am a good reader. I have my own library that consists of around 100 books. Whenever I write, the first copy of the content seems errorless. But after a couple of weeks, when I read the same content as a reader then the mistakes are found when the article or essay is compared with other authors. I find my spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and many more things. This is how I manage to write an effective essay.


Ernest Miller Hemingway, a great novelist, short story writer, and journalist summed it aptly, “There is nothing to writing. All you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”.

Octavia E. Butler, an Afro-American science fiction author said, “You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start writing crap and thinking its good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence”.

Ok now, pick up your pen and start writing an article or an essay topic now.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”.

“A perfect time and place to do is NOW and HERE”.

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