Conventional and Lateral Thinking

             “If at first idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

                                                                                                By: Albert Einstien

Since our childhood we are trained to think and work in conventional style. Almost every educational institutions in India, is pursuing a ritual of awarding more marks to those who write standard (provided by teachers or books) answers, rather than, innovative ones. So, as we grow, our minds are developed with the conventional style.

What actually is conventional style?

Conventional style of thinking is simply defined as, structured or a logical framework to create a product, a system or a service or to solve a problem. This style of thinking is useful in solving routine problems, answering some prepared questions and analyzing a familiar issue. It can also be used to design a product, service or a system whose necessities and functions are already been recognized and published. It also helps to deeply analysis a standard concordat to single-out the causes that lead to the dilemma.

However, almost every household problem has some “Unconventionality” in them. Thus, they cannot be solved by using conventional style of thinking. Hence, we need to be creative ad follow a new style of thinking that is the lateral style of thinking.

What is lateral thinking?

The word ‘lateral’ itself means ‘edgewise’. Simple latera thinking means to think out-of-the-box and to have an innovative approach. This style of thinking is useful in solving new and unfamiliar problems and writing the answers of unapproached and unprepared queries like the essays asked in IELTS writing exams (especially in task-2). Lateral thinking helps mostly in the fields of arts, music, poetry and writing which requires a great level of innovation and originality.

I hope you will observe an drastic change as a lateral thinker in you after reading it.

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