Many people use distant-learning programs to study at home, but some people think that they cannot bring benefits as much as attending college or university. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

   It is undeniable that the distant(online) learning mode is very useful, but for specific areas of society: students of remote areas, physically disabled students, and for side learners, those continue their jobs while studying. However, there are many merits of attending a university (traditional way), which would not accrue to a person who appreciates the online mode of education. Let us see who plays first fiddle– a traditional way or online methods.

To start with, going to a University enables face-to-face interaction with the professors, moreover, a chance to interact with a new society. It is extremely helpful for gaining a quick overview of a subject, specifically if it is being approached for the first time. The physical lectures are more convincing and educative than the scanty reading of written courseware. Psychologically, the gestures and the physical presence plays an indispensable role for the enlightenment of individual brain and thoughts.

Secondly, an individual learns in a more disciplined atmosphere, which results in a more focused and well-managed study. Thereafter, the University library also hits a crucial role. The reference material and other valuable content can easily be accessed from the library. Apart from academic participation, a student also gets a chance to perform in co-curriculum activities like sports, contests, and the like; which enhance the skills and confidence of the student for the upcoming stages of life.

Another great advantage that accrues to the university student is that of campus placement and internships opportunities. Many ostensible companies advance towards the good universities with offers of campus placements for their students, which acts as a benevolence for the students. Undoubtedly, there are many online platforms that offer placements to students. To exemplify; Internshala – offers skills learning like languages, computer languages, programming, and much more, UpGrad, Udemy, and immeasurably more. They are thus saved from the uncertainty and hassles of a later job hunt.

 In the gist of the whole content, I would like to emphasize that no doubt online education is being used in the epoch, but the traditional ways and methodology can never be altered.

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