Ques: Internet is praised by many as a mean of communication. Whereas some argue that it destroys our communication skills. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

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It is irrefutable that in today’s epoch of modern technology, many people struggle to interact someone physically, so they often avoid visiting relatives and friends. But, I don’t think the communication skills are being gradually destroyed. In this essay I shall put forth arguments to support my view and also talk about the importance of physical interaction(communication skills).

To begin with, let us consider some factors that are responsible for the destruction of the physical interaction. Undoubtedly, it is modern technology. These days an individual is much more comfortable with sending a WhatsApp message rather than communicating physically. In addition, Internet has altered our business communications in a whole informal way. Especially, the pandemic has totally diverted the nations online. Even the interview rounds are being held with video conferences. Many other apps have an avital role in this cause.

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However, in my opinion, there are times when there is no alternative to interact physically. Physical communications are generally more formal and composed than online interviews. This makes it more suitable for a company to execute someone and they are likely to be, re-examined, perhaps several times by the recruiter. Unlike WhatsApp and Instagram messages, it is also a better way of setting out an complex argument, as in the official and legal frameworks. Moreover, that time is still very far when everyone will have a computer and internet connection. Till that time communication skills can never be destroyed.

So, it can be observed that communication is a significant skill to learn because there are many parts of the world, where you are examined on the basis of your communication skills. Because of globalization the business world is becoming more and more international and it is always possible to interact with someone globally. Especially for students, communication skills are crucial part, as the whole career depends on this specific asset. Consequently, I believe that communication skills will never die out completely.

To sum up, there are fewer times when we need to interact physically nowadays. On the other hand, I feel there are numerous important occasions when only physical interaction is the most appropriate form of communication.

Alteration of the Answer(Can also be written as):

One of the marvelous inventions of modern world is the Internet that has swept the world off its feet with its vast uauage.It is generally assumed that the world wide web is an excellent mean of communication while critics claim that digitalization is ruining communication skills.The following paragraphs are an attempt to analyze these views objectively and to arrive at a logical conclusion.

To set in, the astonishing spread of nationally and internationally accessible computer-based communication networks has made life of masses far more easier then before.Nowadays,it is possible to connect with near ones who are living overseas and people of our interest ,living in any corner of world in seconds.This  connectivity makes the bond between families stronger. Many examples of applications of the world wide web strengthen this view point.For instance, facetime,voice messaging,chat boxes,email so forth are brilliant ways of interacting. In short, Is it not a bonus to talk face to face with people and near ones by just sitting at home?

On the flip side, Online communications are not without the shortcomings because they are perceived, rather than real.With internet and social media people have created their own virtual worlds.They give more importance to posting pictures and sharing personal stuff online than having an interaction with their family .Especially youngsters because it’s a whole glamorous new world out there for them. Certain people,for instance, prefer to chat online with others and have less confidence in person.Overall,continuing surfing on the internet and spending less time with families and in person is really affecting their communication skills in the real world.

To conclude, It is undeniable that the internet has revolutionized every sphere of human life. However, I strongly believe that personal touch in communication is always appreciable. And overuse or addiction to cyberspace can lead to conflicts in human communication ways and can affect their interpersonal relationships.

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