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Before, you jump to the given links let’s go through with some basic concepts of IELTS. But, this is just an overview, the detailed information will be in the links below.

Full Form of IELTS

Firstly, if you are new with this term than first understand that what does it stands for. Basically, IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. Therefore, it is a global language testing test used to test the proficiency of the English language. This test is required to get work permits and university admissions in some of the major nationalities. Moreover, the test is divided into two parts. In short, this distinguishes students (student visas) and candidates aspiring work permits. Two parts of this test are:

  1. Academic
  2. General

This test has four modules:

  1. Reading: (Check out the best tips and tricks of the IELTS Reading test).
  2. Listening: ( Get in-depth knowledge of the IELTS listening test).
  3. Writing: (Check out our article on Writing tests Task-1 and Task-2 for in-depth knowledge).
  4. Speaking: (Check Tips and Tricks (Speaking) for the best tips and tricks of 2021).

Scoring Criteria

To begin with, this language test has its own marking criteria called band score distribution. An aspiring candidate is assessed out of 9 bands. Also, there are some eligibility criteria that are set to apply for student visas and work permits. For students who want to continue their education in foreign countries with under graduation and post-graduation programs, the band score requirement is overall 6.5 bands or 7 bands. But, it differs as per the requirements of the universities they are opting.

Check Useful resources and websites to get some useful resources for IELTS.

How to use Crack IELTS for your preparation?

Crack IELTS is an emerging platform for the preparation of the IELTS Exam. We ensure that a candidate will be able to stimulate their performance for the exam using this platform. This platform has many resources that are really helpful for preparation. Also, this website includes many articles on tips and traps for assistance to score 7+ bands in each module. The founder of the site is specialized in writing and speaking module. So, the site reveals many secrets for the speaking and writing exam. The well-planned strategy for the writing task-2 and interview part of the speaking exam is really unique and self-founded by the founder itself. You will find many loopholes in the exam and how to attempt and tackle those loopholes. You will really enjoy Crack IELTS.

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Vocabulary for Academics Writing Task-1

Check out more stuff on Writing task-2 or essay writing in IELTS exam

Samples Of Writing Task 2:

  1. Online Teaching vs Traditional Method of Teaching
  2. Means of Communication: Internet VS Physical Communication

For Additional information and to be directly in touch with the updates on IELTS exam refer the links below:

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